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Elina Brotherus

It’s quite strange meeting someone for the first time via skype, I think it’s something to do with the intimacy of being suddenly projected into a stranger’s kitchen and they into your living room. This was how I met Elina Brotherus, we sat in Paris/Helsinki and shared a cup of tea. My intention was obviously for this to be an interview, however it seems like a conversation broke out, the outcome of which being that the questions aren’t particularly well phrased. I’m sure you’ll find the answers very interesting. Please excuse the occasional connection problems.

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Matt Darbyshire

I met Matt Darbyshire at the opening of his first solo show in France. I was interested to meet him as an artist whose work shows not only a formal sculptural sensibility but also defies easy catagorisation, his combinations of objects retain a delicious ambiguity. It’s not simply critical or aesthetic but also combines the quotidian and the iconic in a way that brings out both the tackiness and the poetry of the things we find ourselves surrounded by. It is many things at the same time, and as such it’s no surprise that he is beginning to gain recognition on the international stage. We stood on the street outside the Jousse Entreprise Gallery in Paris trying to simultaniously smoke cigarettes, catch the last of the sunshine and conduct an informal interview between his commitments at the opening. I was interested particularly in his relationship with objects and how he understands his own work. What you see here is an email exchange that took place on his return to England following on from our first conversation.

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Elodie Seguin

There is a problem with trying to write this introduction. I feel I should tell you about why and how you should read on, I should list the achievements and recognition that Elodie Seguin has already received, her success, I should mention that she is only 28 years old. I could call her one of the hottest upcoming artists in France at the moment.


But none of this seems quite right. It would seem a bit too much like hype. And this suits neither her nor her work. Instead I will say that we met in a rather down-at-heel cafe that she liked, she drank small measures of neat vodka because she was nervous, she was polite and arrived on time. Sometimes when I asked her a question she would stop for quite a long time and really think about what I had asked before she replied.

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