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Bean Popcorn

first published in ‘The Moth’ magazine

“The idea behind the story ‘Bean Popcorn’ was that a man becomes minorly obsessed, well in fact, not minorly obsessed, actually quite majorly obsessed with the idea of making bean popcorn. The obsession starts when he sees a cooking demonstration by a female chef during which she demonstrates the art of creating the aforementioned legume-based snack, the thing about this being that it is essentially no different from making normal corn popcorn but instead of using corn you use beans. The curious and surprising thing being that, as anyone in the world who has tried to make bean popcorn will know, beans don’t pop like corn, only corn pops like corn. Herein lies the nub of the mystery that so entices and tantalises the man, who, I might add, lives in an imagined future that is not so different from our own present, albeit with an incredible degree of market saturation by high quality foodstuffs.

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